NOVU – dividing screens

Flexibility in the broadest sense of the word. With the NOVU series, an area can be divided as desired in a flash. For example, the screening of a workplace, the creation of privacy or the improvement of the acoustics in a busy space. All at a surprisingly affordable price.

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MUTE SCREEN – dividing screens

The timeless and modest appearance of the MUTE SCREEN makes this dividing screen very versatile. Every screen is manufactured with craftsmanship and great care. The result is simple and refined at the same time.

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MUTE PANEL – acoustic panels

Good acoustics are of great importance for every work environment. It increases comfort and productivity while limiting distraction and stress. DUTCHCREEN has developed the MUTE series of acoustic panels, which have a high quality finish and a friendly appearance thanks to its fabric upholstery.

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We are proud to make choices in which fair production and the lowest possible environmental impact play an important role.


Customization is our standard. With the same delivery time and competitive price we offer a tailor-made solution.


The MUTE SCREEN electrification unit is mounted directly under the dividing screen and comes standard with eight sockets and space for excess cables.